Give the gift of healthcare in 3 easy steps

  • Choose a Plan

  • Select a Payment Method

  • Upload your employee census & company logo

    That's it! Within about 2 business days your employees will be emailed an activation code to download the app, sign in and start getting care immediately.


    small business patients and counting

    Our Packages

    Our monthly plans are based on the size of your business.

    Additional Info

    • Mental health visits:
      Max 10 visits/patient/year
    • 1 year commitment
    • See how to fill out and submit your employee census info

    Ways to Save

    • Pay for the whole year up front and save 5%
    • Save 3% if you use your bank account instead of a credit card
    •  We're you referred by a friend?  You can get a free month

    Custom Plans

    Large businesses or multiple locations

    Reach out – we'll create a custom package for you with a bulk discount. For branch locations we can sometimes link to your employee census data too.


    Call us, we're happy to walk you through what is best for your business and your people.


    Pay it forward

    When you refer a friend we'll give them a free month.  Together we can get #healthcareforall!