Virtual Healthcare for the service industry

Access for all of your people

Because of high costs, as much as 90% of service industry workers go without health insurance. And yet, healthcare is consistently ranked the #1 reason employees stay at a job.  We believe in providing excellent medical care to ALL which strengthens loyalty.

Treat Them. Keep Them.

Your Employees will thank you!

Direct2Care users love their employers for helping them and their families get care they wouldn't normally have access to. Here are two great employee stories.

Delivering affordable healthcare since 2016

  • McDonald's
  • Hwy55
  • Five Guys Burger & Fries
  • Brauhaus Schmitz
  • Moe's Original BBQ
  • Jan Hobbs American Family Insurance
  • Riverwalk Place Resort & Spa
  • Fiesta KIA
  • Wana Navu Kava Bar
  • Icebar Orlando
  • Constant Care Assisted Living Logo
  • D'Lite Healthy on the Go
  • Suncoast Cafe
  • Carquest
  • Little Pub
  • The Pompous Pig Barbeque
  • Dynamite Montessori Academy
  • Clean Eatz
  • Sagos

Easy for operators, accessible for employees

We understand that many industries have a high percentage of uninsured employees. We have created a product that is built from the ground up for businesses to get their people the care they need at a great rate. 

The Direct2Care system is painless for you and your HR team – we handle all the onboarding, census, and maintenance. So you can just focus on ROI through reduced turnover and workers comp rates, giving you and your employees peace of mind. It’s a win-win!

healthcare for all


Medical providers who listen and build trust with their patients.


Inexpensive healthcare for businesses, free for their entire team.


Whole-patient, evidence-based care for ALL your people.


Anytime, on-demand consultations at home or on the go.

Recruit and Retain

You can give your employees and their families 24-hour access to experienced medical providers within minutes, all from the comfort of their home. No more germ-filled waiting rooms, scheduling and rescheduling of work shifts to make an appointment. Direct2Care is a benefit to attract and retain great people. Reduce turnover and feel good doing it.

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