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Healthcare for ALL your people

Because of high costs, as much as 90% of service industry workers go without health insurance. And yet, healthcare is consistently ranked the #1 reason employees stay at a job.  We believe in providing excellent medical care to ALL which strengthens loyalty.

Treat Them. Keep Them.

Built for business

We understand that many industries have a high percentage of uninsured employees. We have created a product that is built from the ground up for businesses to get their people the care they need at a great rate. 

The Direct2Care system is painless for you and your HR team – we handle all the onboarding, census, and maintenance. So you can just focus on ROI through reduced turnover and workers comp rates, giving you and your employees peace of mind. It’s a win-win!

Delivering affordable healthcare since 2016

  • D'Lite Healthy on the Go
  • McDonald's
  • Hwy55
  • Moe's Original BBQ
  • Sagos
  • Brauhaus Schmitz
  • Little Pub
  • Five Guys Burger & Fries
  • Clean Eatz
  • Riverwalk Place Resort & Spa
  • Suncoast Cafe
  • Icebar Orlando
  • The Pompous Pig Barbeque
  • Dynamite Montessori Academy

healthcare for all


Medical providers who listen and build trust with their patients.


Inexpensive healthcare for businesses, free for their entire team.


Whole-patient, evidence-based care for ALL your people.


Anytime, on-demand consultations at home or on the go.

Recruit and Retain

You can give your employees and their families 24-hour access to experienced medical providers within minutes, all from the comfort of their home. No more germ-filled waiting rooms, scheduling and rescheduling of work shifts to make an appointment. Direct2Care is a benefit to attract and retain great people. Reduce turnover and feel good doing it.

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