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A benefit with backing

We anonymously polled QSR restaurants with Direct2Care fully implemented and here is the feedback:

What People are Saying


Whenever someone calls in sick, I remind them to call Direct2Care.

Sarai J., General Manager

We have been able to provide a real solution to people missing shifts, especially to take care of their kids. With Direct2Care they can call in anytime whereas doctor’s offices are typically only open during their scheduled hours.

Betsy L., HR Coordinator

Besides bonuses, Direct2Care is by far our most popular benefit. Our people love it and appreciate having it.

Natalia H., Director of Operations


I was really struggling with some personal issues. I was able to schedule a visit with a therapist. I have never been able to see one before. It helped me so much…I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

Emily N., Crew Member

I felt sick one night. I am the Opening Manager so it is hard for me to call off. I called Direct2Care and they were able to take care of me and I didn’t have to miss work the next day to go to urgent care.

Nayra A., Opening Manager

I called because my son was sick. They got his medicine prescribed and he felt better. I am so happy.

April H., Family Member