Making virtual care accessible for all

Direct2Care provides affordable, concierge level care to the uninsured and underinsured. Food service industries have provided the perfect partnership to let us do what we do best – take care of families with limited access to basic medical care. We partner with businesses to provide coverage for their teams in exchange for employee allegiance, loyalty, and retention.

Who We Serve

We take pride in being able to provide healthcare access to those that don’t have any. SMB industries have the highest percentages of workers who decline insurance coverage due to cost. The low “take-up” rates mean that with Direct2Care employers can finally give their employees, and their entire families, access to healthcare. This matters to folks and we have found that it significantly improves employee retention.


“Utilization” is a buzzword in telemedicine (basically the % of employees that actually use the service). And the sad truth is, many companies in the space work to keep that low (less usage = less expenses). We do the opposite – we seek to increase utilization. Because a) Isn’t that the point? and b) Higher usage = higher value = higher retention. If we know the ROI is positive, then more is more.


The Affordable Care Act, implemented over time in the early 2010s, requires that employers offer health insurance to employees, and that employees pay no more than 9.5% of their salary. That’s all fine and good, except that in many service jobs, that small amount isn’t something they can afford. So the vast majority decline it and hope for the best. To be clear, we are not insurance. But we deliver physician consultations and access to prescriptions that is otherwise non-existent. It’s free to your employees, and nothing is more affordable than that!

Our Providers

Not to state the obvious, but this is where the rubber meets the road. Are our providers delivering on our mission? First, most of our providers spent years in-clinic and are excited about this form of care. They can work from home and still get the reward of helping someone in need. Second, many of our providers are parents – kindness and compassion come naturally. Finally, Direct2Care offers a stress-free environment that enables them to offer unrushed care and follow up. It’s a beautiful thing to see in action.

We Are Physician Owned, Physician Led 

Caring Virtually Since 2016

By the mid-2010s Dr. Paul Flatley already had two decades of clinical experience under his belt. As an ER doc at a level 1 trauma center in Phoenix, he had seen it all and was ready for a change. Back then virtual care was just an idea, but he recognized that it was the future. He began building a network of physicians and signing up patients as he evangelized the benefits of this new approach. Before long a friend from the ER, Dr. Glen McCracken joined the team. Together they honed their mission – to inject compassion and kindness into virtual visits and reduce expensive trips to the emergency room. Direct2Care remains focused on caring for the millions of individuals and families across America without health insurance.

Paul Flatley, DO

Founder & CEO

As the medical director of a 60,000 visit per year Emergency Department, it was my job to handle patient complaints. On a regular basis I would receive calls from patients and the story was often the same – exorbitant hospital bills because the ER is the only choice for the uninsured. They needed help. It became my driving force. Taking care of hard-working families and saving them money became my mission! It’s how you actually save lives.

– Dr. Paul Flatley

For me, 30 years in the Emergency Department has clearly exemplified where our healthcare system needs the most help. Engaging uninsured patients, most in need of our virtual care service, is gratifying and helps keep the ER available for those who really need it. There aren’t many win-win scenarios in healthcare – Direct2Care changes that paradigm by offering rewarding work for our providers and reaching an underserved community at the same time.

– Dr. Glen McCracken

Glen McCracken, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Direct2Care vs. The Competition


Direct2Care isn't trying to be all things to all people. We don't market to consumers. We're built ground-up for businesses.


We have hassle-free onboarding. We support and interact with your employees directly. And our care team is available for questions over the phone - not just via FAQ or chat - an actual human your employees can talk to.


We have very high utilization rates. Our mission demands it. We continuously improve our app, materials and processes in order to increase usage which inevitably decreases turnover.


We concentrate on industries where health insurance is sparse. Most telehealth companies are add-ons to existing insurance plans as a means of claims reduction. We aim to deliver care to employees that do not have ANY health insurance.


Give your employees great care at a great price.

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